Panlatuan, Pilar Sorsogon

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Over the next few months, I hope to develop this site to provide information about the pennisua Panlatuan, in Pilar, Sorsogon.  If anyone would like to contribute information about the history or environment of this area, please write to username 'alan', at this web site, ''.  I am interested in the following subjects:

           * History of the old shipyard and previous owners
           * Environmental concerns with preserving mangrove areas
           * The marine environment and marine life in the area
           * Good diving sites in the area
           * Good swimming and snorkeling sites
           * Any other interesting facts or places of interest in the Pilar area                       

Here is a bit of history from the following web site: Sorsogon Tourism, Places_of_interest, Panlatuan 

Panlatuan, in Pilar town, is another Spanish Astillero or shipyard, and presumably, another metalworks factory, similar to that of Dancalan in Donsol, although smaller in scale. At the site are the ruins of what looks like a fort, thick stone walls all around. In the middle of this surrounding walls is a domed stone structure that appears like a kiln that can fire either clay or stoneware, or metals. This kiln-like structure is still intact [actually a water reservoir]. Documented historical accounts show that it was here where the revolt of the Sorsogon people against Spain started. It was sometime in August 1898 when the workers at the shipyard cried Revolution!, took up arms, and killed the shipyard's Spanish administrator, together with his four assistants. From Panlatuan, revolutionary activities rapidly spread throughout the province, forcing the Spaniards to hastily abandon the province and the rest of the Bicol Region.

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